Wolverhampton - West Midlands Famous History And People Of Yesterday And Today

Wolverhampton - West Midlands was graced with Queen Victoria's presence just after her dear beloved Prince Albert's death in the year 1866 November. Her visit was even more special because it is though to be her first since his passing.

The gifted sculptor Thomas Thorneycraft sculpted a magnificent life-like statue of her dear Prince and cast it in bronze. This is the reason for the Queen's visit to unveil this artwork for the entire city to see and honor.

In the 1770's Wolverhampton was best known for the remarkable steel jewelry and toys they made. From something so dreary as steel beautiful works of art where hand crafted. Things like trinkets, rings, swords hilts and even extravagant buckles. This trade continued to flourish well into the 1790's.

Art has always been an ever present part of Wolverhampton and it shows by the opening of The School of Practical Art in the 1850's and then the Art Gallery The Grand's association with the school upon its opening in 1884.

Famous people of the present and past haveresided here as well. Famous sportsman include Percy Stollard, Olympic Swim Medalist Anita Lonsbrough, Denise Lewis and Bert Williams. Famous oliticians include Sir Charles Pelham Villiers MP, Button Gwinnett and Baroness Helene Hayman.

Famous actors include Goldie and Nigel Bennett. Famous well -known musicians are Robert Plant, Jamelia and Dave Holland as well as the rock groups The Mighty Lemon Drops, Babylon Zoo and Cornershop.

Art lovers will delight in the historical places that are brimming over with current and vintage art pieces and performances. In 1894 The Grand Theatre on Lichfield Street opened for the first show. Since then Charlie Chaplin made a debut here with his hilarious antics as did Sean Connery in a well based theater show

For performances either on an amateur or even a professional venue try going to the Arena Theatre on Wulfruna Street and catch a great show or production. For crafts of a contemporary kind visit The highly renowned Bliston Arts Gallery and for the more hip and modern art try the Tate Bantak House where you will want a little of everything the pop art lover would want.

The Royal Air Force Fire Service museum and Royal Air Force museum are places every child would love to visit with their dad. There is also the historically rich Chillington Hall and Himley House as well to tour through and be amazed at the architecture of the times.

An elegant Victorian manor house named The Wightwick is full of history and beauty in its design and its rooms. Mr. Theodore Mander built this home for his family. He came from a long line of 19th century industrialist who where very successful for the times they where living in. Edward Ould did all Designing of the home including additions of a parlor room and more later on.

Atop the highest point within the center of the city you will spy the architectural rich St. Peters collegiate Church. The earliest parts still standing today have been dated to the 1200's. More architectural magic can be found from the 15th century. This is truly a place you just have to take a tour off while vacationing here.

This is the perfect vacation to enjoy food, music, art, history and so much more with your entire family. Just think of Wolverhampton - West Midlands as the perfect historically rich vacation destination.


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