Top Tips For Luxury Car Hire In Cape Town

For the top transport option for a special day, luxury car hire in Cape Town offers the ultimate solution to add a touch of glamour and style to any event. You may be looking for a beautiful car for the duration of your stay in Cape Town, or perhaps you are planning a romantic date or even an exclusive function during your trip to the Cape. Whatever your needs, there is a luxury car to suit almost any occasion. From a super sleek BMW convertible all the way up to the classic Porsche Boxster S, a number of luxury rides are on offer at your local vehicle hire agency at a more affordable rate than you may have thought. While some simply prefer the ultimate class and prestige offered by a high-end vehicle to hire, others only require such a car for a special outing.
If you are planning an unforgettable day or night out with your luxury car hire model, you could consider the following tips:

Hire a stunning convertible such as the Mercedes SLK 500, BMW 125i or the Audi TT for the day, and take a drive along the West Coast or Garden Route. Starting from the Cape Town CBD, you can cruise up to Langebaan, Elands Bay or even to the coastal town of Hermanus.

Take a drive along the Atlantic Seaboard coastline, from bustling Green Point through to Camps Bay to stop for cocktails at trendy Caprice, on to Clifton for sundowners on the beach and finishing in Hout Bay for dinner, as you enjoy beautiful sea views and appreciative stares from passers by and fellow motorists.

Plot a romantic night for the special person in your life, and impress them with a top of the line car hire option such as a Ferrari 360 F1 Spider or an Aston Martin Vantage. You can begin with a romantic dinner at one of Cape Towns finest restaurants, before you progress to nightcaps at the Mount Nelson, finishing with a slow drive through the city.

For fun-loving action enthusiasts who like to venture off-road, why not consider a top-range 4x4 vehicles such as a BMW X5 or a Hummer H2. You can set off on a thrilling day of action, adventure and pure driving pleasure in a luxurious SUV that is sure to get many stares as you take on the open road.

Arrange a fun-filled girls day out for the ladies in your life. Organise to pick everyone up from their various apartments or hotels in a sleek sedan such as a Mercedes S Class. Starting with a delicious breakfast at one of the citys exclusive dining establishments, you can then proceed for a shopping trip of note at the V&A Waterfront before enjoying lunch at a beachfront restaurant such as Salt at The Ambassador Hotel in Bantry Bay, going on to Camps Bay for cocktails later in the afternoon. To add to the fun and stay safe, hire a chauffer for the day to drive you around in true style.

With so much to see and do in the Mother City, and with the cosmopolitan and always stylish nature of Cape Town, luxury cars add just the right level of glamour and style. These are just some of the ideas you could consider when planning luxury car rental in Cape Town contact a reputable rental agency and begin the ultimate travel experience.
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What Do I Need For My Winter Ski Vacation?

If you've never been skiing before, you are in for a treat. Not only is skiing a great excuse to scout out some really beautiful places, it is also a lot of fun. It doesn't matter if you are doing this solo, with your significant other, friends, or family members, this is going to be an exciting adventure for you   maybe even a new tradition. When you decide that you want to go on a winter ski vacation, though, you may start to wonder what you should take with you. Let's take a look at some of the ways you can prepare for Colorado ski packages.

This isn't just about safety   it's about comfort as well. First and foremost, if this is your first time on a winter ski vacation, you are going to need skis and equipment. You usually can rent these at whatever resort you are staying at. So before you go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of equipment, call your resort and ask if they offer equipment rentals. Also, if they do rent equipment but it seems a little high, you can also search around the town you are staying in. Since Colorado is one of the biggest ski states in the country, there will be places outside the resort that will offer book and ski rentals, possibly for much cheaper rates.

If you've never being skiing before, you might want to sign up for Colorado ski lessons. Almost every resort out there offers some kind of skiing lessons, have they be the hour, the day, or the weekend, where you can learn the basics from qualified instructors. These people will teach you about the different parts of your skis, how to speed up, slow down, stop, turn, etc. They will also teach you about mountain safety and what to do if you get lost or hurt.

Next, you need to know what to wear for your Colorado ski packages. More than anything, you really need to have a warm overcoat or a shell that is going to be waterproof and insulated. Most travelers also prefer to wear a fleece or wool jacket underneath, as it gets really cold up there at such high altitudes and around all that snow. Additionally, you should wear insulated, waterproof ski pants and a thick winter hat. Gloves are a necessity as well as a scarf, neck warmer or full face mask with insulation. Make sure you bring your thermals as well! It's always better to be safe than to be sorry, especially f you're sensitive to the cold. Lastly, you should buy ski goggles or a mask and a helmet. You might feel odd wearing a helmet to ski, but this is going to really ensure you are safe. You can easily find all of these items at a sports or mountain store online or offline before your winter ski vacation.
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Costablanca: Too Much Fun, Not Enough Time

The Costa Blanca, one of the most popular tourist areas in Spain, is perfectly situated along the Mediterranean Sea. Northern Costa Blanca begins at the base of the mountains in Denia ad Javea while the southern part is near Torrevieja. The Costa Blanca's beautiful weather, beaches and surroundings attract millions of visitors each year. Not surprisingly, the summer is its busiest tourist season but the weather in the Costablanca region is favorable all year round.

Most visitors to the Costa Blanca region fly into the Alicante Airport, or El Altet, as it is called. If you intend to travel during the summer, be sure to make your flight, hotel and car hire arrangements well in advance since tourism is the busiest during the summer season. By planning ahead, you will get the best deals and the greatest selection of flight and accommodation choices.

Once you arrive at the airport, a rental car provides the most freedom in reaching your destination. However, you do have other options available at the Alicante Airport. There is no train connection at the airport, but buses and taxis can take you to the train station in downtown Alicante which can take you to surrounding towns. Of course, you may also take a bus or taxi directly to your hotel or apartment in Alicante or surrounding cities.

One reason car hire services may be the better transportation option is because of the tremendous number of attractions the Costa Blanca offers, particularly the Alicante province. Tourism is a large part of this area's economy and is a very popular destination for tourists from Europe, especially the United Kingdom. Alicante is the capital of the Costa Blanca region and is a major city in the area. There is so much to see and do in this city alone, such as museums, cathedrals, festivals and, of course, the beach. It is a great opportunity to experience Spanish culture and learn about the area's history.

The Castell de Santa Barbara is a famous castle in Alicante situated high on a hill overlooking the sea. Its construction dates back to 400 B.C. and was originally erected to protect Alicate. Besides its enchanting castle atmosphere with the moats, drawbridges, tower and dungeons, it offers visitors a great view of the bay and the city. A popular day trip from Alicante is to the Isla Tabarca, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. You can take a ferry to the island where you can enjoy this small fishing village atmosphere, its great seafood restaurants, clear water and rocky beach.

Another city in the Costa Blanca, Benidorm, actually started out as a fishing village but is now mostly a tourist-based economy. Benidorm is known for its night life and has more hotels than any other city in Spain. Clearly, it has come along way from the small fishing village it once was. South of Benidorm is the small village of Villajoyosa. Its slower pace and quiet atmosphere offers a break from the larger cities nearby, such as Alicante and Benidorm. Villagjoyosa is famous for its chocolate which you can sometimes smell as you enter the town.
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I Love Touring Italy - The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region

I Love Touring Italy - The Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region
The multicultural region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia sits in the northeast corner of Italy bordering on the Italian region of Veneto, Austria, Slovenia, and the Gulf of Venice. Fruili's capital and largest city, Trieste, was ceded to Italy in 1954, marking the end of World War II. Because this region is so far north, don't be surprised that March is not really springtime here. Take a look at the map and you'll see why almost everywhere in this region is northwest of Trieste.

Partly because of the temperature Friuli festivals and events start slowly in March. The village of Forni Avoltri, population 700, located on the Austrian border about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of Trieste hosts an unusual traditional celebration; the young folk throw circular burning pieces of wood, called lis cidulis, down from the hilltops on March 19. The city of Pordenone, population 50 thousand will hold its annual festival Dedica 2010 from March 13 to March 27 dedicated to the perhaps not so famous to most of us here German writer, Hans Magnus Ezensberger.
Who would expect a really big Far East Film Festival in northeastern Italy? The medieval city of Udine, population 100 thousand located some 80 miles (125 kilometers) northeast of Venice is the place for such movies during a week or so at the end of April. At least 10 countries participate. Then finish the month at the small town of Fogliano Redipuglia, population under 3 thousand, located about 20 miles (35 kilometers) northwest of Trieste which hosts the Gran Premio regional wine exhibition-competition. This region is well known for its wine and you will see why.

By early May the weather warms up. On 2nd of May the town of Coseano, located some 52 miles (80 kilometers) northwest of Trieste, hosts its annual "Coseano Vie d'Artista", a festival in which more than two hundred artists display their paintings on the town streets. Then bring the kids to the "Il Paese dei Balocchi" (Toyland) in the town of Rive d'Arcano, population about 2,500, also located some 52 miles (80 kilometers) northwest of Trieste. You'll all love Pinocchio accompanied by lots of music and games. In the middle of May the mountainside church of S. Pietro Zuglio located some 70 miles (110 kilometers) in guess which direction from which city you'll find the Kissing of the Crosses Celebration. Numerous crosses that originate in all the churches in the surrounding valley are paraded and then brought to this hilltop church. Participants marching in single file touch the cross of Saint Peter symbolizing Peter's devoted kiss to Jesus.

May means the International Chair Salon in Udine, the Sapori Pro Loco gastronomical festival in Villa Manin di Codroipo, a poetry festival in Monfalcone on the coast, and a musical festival in Pordenone. There's even a sundial festival in Aiello.
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Grab Lowest Air Ticket Prices

Travelling through air is a very luxurious affair. However, it is the most convenient way of reaching a place. Along with comfortableness, travelling through air you can save loads of your time, which otherwise you can spend in doing some important work. When considering taking flight to a desired destination, what bothers the most is the air travel fare.Large numbers of individuals do not travel via air because of high air travel fare.

However, now with the option of internet air travel ticket booking, individuals can travel to preferred destination at affordable air travel fare. The most amazing aspect about online air travel fare booking is the fact that majority of the times great discounts are available on the tickets, which makes travelling through plane an inexpensive journey. Also, amazing air travel fare with festive or seasonal offers and packages makes it probable to avail plane ticket prices to any part of the world at unbelievable rates. When it comes to getting low plane ticket prices, you do not have choice between the flights, as majority of the renowned flights gives affordable air travel fare. Getting lowest air tickets of a renowned flight does not mean that you have to compromise over the facilities accessible in the flight, rather instead of travelling through affordable plane ticket prices mean that you will be offered all the services.

One can easily get lowest air tickets to preferred destination. No matter, whether you want to get lowest air tickets on domestic flights or lowest air tickets on international flights, all is possible on the internet. Apart from getting lowest air tickets, you can also access airlines schedules. This will not just allow you to get all the details about a particular flight but pick flight according as per your convenience. After selecting a flight, which meets your travelling schedule you can simply click to book low plane ticket prices.
Easy to manage and easy to pay options for air travel fare on the internet has made travelling through air possible for all those people who run away from air travelling due to high airfare. Low plane ticket prices will make your trip all the more fun and reasonable.
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Choosing Best Majorca Holiday Deals Online

Choosing a travel site can be very difficult with the number of options that are available today. Life can be simple if you want it to be and you can choose a site that gives you elaborate holiday vacations in one place. Times have changed, today instead of going through agents and brochures you can search online. Google has changed the world we live in; you can use the wealth of information to select the perfect holiday spot.

I would personally recommend the luxury-holidays as could not have asked for more. Travel indeed is a tonic and it is the ideal way to rejuvenate your stressful lives. We are so busy with the work and home lives that we hardly can think of relaxing. What is more important and crucial nowadays is that the trip fits in your budget. The recession has taken a toll on many lives and many among us are living on stringent budgets. But sometimes the stress can be taxing on the family and hence you need to take a leave to help brighten things for you.

Now you can get the deals at competitive prices and avail greatest savings on the most luxurious holidays and vacation packages worldwide. Be it beaches, paradise getaways, honeymoon spots, spas they have it all combined in a package that works for you. You can stay in brilliant 4 and 5 star hotels to choose from at a fraction of the price they would normally cost. You can relax sit back and get a close view of nature. Imagine sitting and having a soothing spa and enjoing the delicious buffet of Mediterranean food. Food, dine, scenic view, spas, water baths what else can you ask for.

You can avail the offers and get 60% off in flight rates as well. They can afford to offer you affordable rates as they have tie ups with major airlines. these companies own a several to hundreds of Luxury resorts that are normally only on offer if you pay thousands to only be able to stay there a few weeks a yearbut we have bought rooms out at these resorts all year meaning you can stay at them from only a couple of hundred Dollars per week and theres no timeshare contract to worry about them.

Anyway back onto the Holidays, you can avail heavily discounted cruises worldwide, skiing holidays, theme park holidays, great rates at the top Honeymoon destinations, action holidays and many more. When booking make sure you make the right choice, as a cautious buyer there are many choices which are overwhelming and confusing. But if you are determined to holiday on a budget then luxury-holiday resorts offer the best deals available online.

The unique thing about our Luxury Holiday Club is that we also allow you to create a second income and potentially a 6 figure income through referral sales and they offer travel insurance just in case of emergencies. This is a one of the kind online destination for all your holidaying needs. It is an entire package with unbeatable and affordable prices.
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Chennai Beaches - Popular Ones

The chennai city is surrounded by three beaches namely the Marina, Elliot and the Covelong beach.

Out of these three beaches Marina Beach is a major tourist spot, because of its sandy soil equipped with lot of food stalls and games. It is located in kamarajar salai, Chennai, India. The marina is best suited for leisure activities. some of the activities include walking, jogging, playing beach volleyballs and much more, and one important thing to say is its a lovers spot. The marina beach is well known for its amazing beauty and the surrounding rich ecosystem. The beach road is fully equipped with statues of the former leaders. Some of them are Mahatma Gandhi, Thiruvalluvar, Sir Thomas Munro, Kamarajar, Periyar statue and the Statue of Labour.

The second one is the Elliots beach which is located in Anne Besant nagar, Chennai. This beach is also known as 'Bessei' among the peoples. This beach is located southwards of Marina and moreover this beach is not as much busy as the former one. It is an extremely calm one and it is a tranquil place. This one does not offer much activity and it is used only for long walking and jogging. some of the beautiful spots found near to the beach are the Ashtalakshmi temple, Which is 20 years old and it is built in a way of modern architecture, Velankanni church which is a pilgrim place for the Christians.

Covelong beach is the finest one and is situated in coromandel coast. It is far away from the city at a distance of 20 miles. This beach is equipped with palm tress and white sand. Fishing is the main activity involved. It also provides sports activities like surfing and swimming.
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