Holiday Plans For Travels To Tropical North Queensland

You will have a number of amazing attractions to see, so while you are planning your travels to Tropical North Queensland in Australia, you need to schedule your time to encompass as many as you can. When you are coming here hopefully your schedule will have you in this region at least a week to be able to see everything. Also don't forget about all the multitude of festivals and events in the area that happen all during the year, so at least one of these will be going on during your visit.

No matter how long your stay in the Tropical North will be, it should first and foremost include a trip to the amazing rainforest. This region is World Heritage listed and is the only remaining natural rainforest in the world. It is well preserved and protected by walkways, allowing people to come and see the natural surroundings without having any negative impact on them. Exploring the rainforest in this way allows you to see the flora and fauna and experience many of nature's creatures in their habitats.

Second on your list of things to see in the Tropical North region of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef. If you spend any time in this area then the reef is not to be missed. Uniquely lined with coral this location is another World Heritage listed site and even if you are not a water lover, you really need to tour the reef in a glass bottom boat to see all the incredible creatures that lie beneath the surface.

And if there is only one other thing that you have time for in the region, then check out the history of the region by visiting the aboriginal museum and art displays as well as their festival. The Aborigines are the world's oldest culture still in existence and can provide some serious insight into the Earth as it existed millions of years ago.

If your visit is short you will see why you will need to return because besides these amazing natural wonders there are wonderful restaurants, great night life, shopping, spas and lots of other tourist attractions. The Tropical North has both natural and man made experiences for everyone to be able to participate in, it will stay on your mind after you have gone home.


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