Information About Pembroke - Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembroke - Pembrokeshire, Wales, is a very important town in its area. It contains Pembroke Castle, which attracts huge numbers of tourists and scholars every year. It is merely a ruin now, though a very well-maintained ruin. It has gained a great deal of publicity over the years, mainly because it was the birth place of King Henry VII.

It was influential long before King Henry VII, though. This was a major area to first convert to Christianity. There was a great deal of struggle going from the pagan religions to the Christian one. This is why many of the Christian structures in town were used not only as religious buildings, but also as defensive ones. One building in particular lasted long enough to be Oliver Cromwell's headquarters and then, in the nineteenth century, became a brewery for a local tavern.

Early structures and ruins are everywhere in the town. Scholars love the area because it provides so much information about all of British history, from the Iron age to the present day. There is still much that has yet to be learned. There is even the site of a Knights Templar building which burned down, no doubt destroying many secrets of the order.

Even though the town has a rich past, it manages to stay very up-to-date. There are many recently constructed buildings to make room for the expanding population. It is still not a huge town, though. There are only about seven thousand people, which allows it to stay quaint. It also allows for more room for shopping centers, museums, and larger public buildings.
The geography of the place has contributed to its long-lasting success. Ample farmland is available, in addition to forests which make for good lumber trade. Though in a valley and therefore in a bad spot for military defense, it is very close to a river. This makes escape (or the more frequently used, shipping) easier.

What the river is primarily used for today is transportation to the important town of Cardiff. Apart from road and river, Pembroke also has a good railroad line. The only thing it lacks is its own airport, since it is not quite large enough to merit one. However, Cardiff has its own airport and since transportation is so easy between these two towns, there is little problem.

Though many towns focus on their cricket and football teams, Pembroke is known for its rugby. Though the other two types of teams are both available in Pembroke, rugby is where the town's strengths lie. Any sports fan who visits will get plenty of entertainment.


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