Learning About The Beautiful Stamford, Lincolnshire

People who do a lot of traveling eventually become tired of the crowds and noise of the larger vacation areas. They are looking for something different rather than the ordinary. Some of them have found a hidden jewel in the town of Stamford - Lincolnshire, which can be reached by car, railway or bus.

Located 100 miles north of London, this small town has a population of 18,000 people. It is located off the main traffic areas and is a quiet, peaceful place located on the river Welland. Unaffected by the passing of time one will find the old world still exists in this unique and unusual place.

Walking down the streets, that look much like they did when they were built hundreds of years ago, one feels like they have returned to old England. The buildings, made of the old limestone have not changed and are an adventure to explore. Many movie directors take advantage of this fact to make movies depicting that period.

Anyone interested in the history of medieval times will be fascinated by visiting these places that carry the past into today's world. The English architecture, which has survived wars and other sages of time, is still preserved in its original state. Thus, a person is able to walk the streets and visit buildings that were used by noblemen of long ago.

Upon entering the town one is spellbound. It is like finding a hidden place that is frozen in time. Only the people are modern, all the rest remains as it was when first constructed. Almshouses, George Hotel which was an old coaching inn, the 13th and 14th century churches and its many other preserved historical buildings make it a very unique place to visit and explore.

Despite its old world charm, the town has quality hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and pubs to serve its visitors. One can eat food prepared by expert chefs and have an evening drink in one of the pubs if desired. The accommodations available are of the best quality and the owners of these establishments are happy to explain the town's history or assist any guests who have requests.

In exploring the town one is amazed at the beautiful scenery which abounds. Pictures of this wonderful place show greenery, brooks and other views that are breathtaking. A visitor can experience this phenomenon first hand and breath the wonderful clear air that is absent in so many cities today. This is what one will find on a visit to Stamford - Lincolnshire.


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